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Made Illustrations for a presentation about how leaders are stretching their perspective, and this time its about three key directions: how to deepen, widen and lengthen one’s perspective.

Deepening your perspective is about challenging our blind spots, or our fixed beliefs, its about doing a close up inside ourselves, an introspection, its about our own awareness.

Widening your perspective is about accounting for more perspectives from people and stakeholders. Its about rethinking how you collaborate, how you network.

Lengthening your perspective requires focussing not just on the immediate (putting out fires) that is in front of you looking beyond, far away, in time (2-5 years out) and space, having foresight of weak signals of things that might be coming, looking at the panorama view as well as the telescope at the same time.

Deepening, Widening and Lengthening your perspective

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