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"Where I Learned Virtues" is a heartfelt journey through the profound impact of Baha'i children's classes on my life. With these classes, I explore the power of learning virtues and how these invaluable teachings have shaped my growth. This animated narrative offers a window into the wisdom and grace that children's classes instill, focusing on virtues such as love, kindness, generosity, truthfulness, forgiveness and detachment.


While initially aimed at children, these teachings apply to everyone. "Where I Learned Virtues" shines a light on the universal influence of these virtues and underscores why it's essential for all to embrace and practice them. Embark on this visual and emotional journey, and discover how virtues can transform not just individuals but entire communities.

Story Boarding

Originally the animation was going to be a trailer for Bahai children's classes but after many storyboard revisions, I finalized the story to be about my experience with Baha'i children's classes to help make the story more personal and approachable. Here are some of the early storyboards and some of the final versions:

First version of the storyboard


Second version of the storyboard


Third version of the storyboard

Last version of the storyboard

Backgrounds and Assets

Animatic and Animation Testing


After Effects Test

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