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The concept of a wellness app was a crucial response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a surge in remote work and feelings of isolation among employees. Employees were noticing a decline in their physical and mental well-being due to working remotely.

Recognizing this issue, the health and resources team at the CRA envisioned an app designed to support and motivate employees in their pursuit of improved physical and mental wellness, as well as the cultivation of healthy habits.

I was tasked with creating mockups of a journaling system, goal setting system and an application to practice breathing techniques

Identify 3 things (anxious).png
Identify 3 things (anxious) (1).png

The Milestones is a self-driven space for employees to set and establish their larger goals in and outside of work. To help with motivation, participants could set their own reminders.

Identify 3 things (anxious) (4).png

Descriptions, allowing employees to deeply understand the importance of each Milestone and the personal motivations driving them to work towards it

Identify 3 things (anxious) (5).png

Action plans, outlining the steps and tasks required to achieve their larger goal. Upon the compleation of each task, the users are rewarded with Kudos to customize their app profile

Identify 3 things (anxious) (6).png

the Affirmation section, providing users with a means of self-encouragement through personal quotes and rewards, as well as access to inspirational quotes from other sources.

Identify 3 things (anxious) (1).png
Identify 3 things (anxious) (7).png
Identify 3 things (anxious) (8).png

Process work:

Screenshot 2024-01-31 132923.png

The wellness app's development also included the concept of a Mindfulness Journey for employees which has the specific intention of setting long and short-term goals relating to improving one's mental health and mindfulness.


The mockups illustrate the intention to help establish personal goals, reflecting a holistic approach to enhancing employee wellness and mental health.

Mindfulness Journey (11).png
Mindfulness Journey (12).png
action plan tutorial (2).png
action plan tutorial (3).png
Mindfulness Journey (11).png

Process work:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 103835.png
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