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When working at the Canada Revenue Agency, I worked closely with a group of UX designers who focused on designing a character leadership app. Following the Ivey School of Business's Leader Character Framework, we would design elements and activities that helped educate employees on the various character leadership dimensions. 

Cavern Crawl is a multiple-choice questionnaire game where employees learn about the dimension of Transcendence while having their character travel and face obstacles of an ancient cavern

Transcendance Level 1 - intro.png

Character Leadership App: Cavern Crawl

Users are presented with 10 scenarios where they must pick the answer that corresponds with transcendence

Transcendance Level 1 - Answer Option 3 (1).png
Transcendance Level 1 - Answer Option 1 (2).png
Transcendance Level 1 - Result.png
Transcendance Level 1 - Result (1).png

If their answer does not relate to transcendence they lose a heart and are explained why.


If it does, they are presented with a success animation of their character



Character Sprite sheets

To reduce file sizes and the loading time of the app, we would animate all our characters using sprite sheets which are significantly smaller easier to keep character customizations

Transcendance Level 1 - End Fail, squish yeet (1).png
Transcendance Level 1 - 3 Heart ending (1).png

At the end of the activity, users will see different end screens either telling them to try again or rewarding them with kudos that can go towards customizing their character

The Scenarios activity was conceived to encourage employees to contemplate real-life workplace situations that call for effective leadership. By immersing users in scenarios where they step into the role of a team lead for a project, they are prompted to explore the diverse facets of character leadership. This approach prompts them to consider the multifaceted ways leadership can be exhibited when guiding a team, recognizing that there may be no universally correct or incorrect methods to do so.

Character Leadership App: Scenarios

Question 1:

Your team that you have been leading is starting a new project that presents many obstacles. 

How would you handle this?


I would search for new ways to overcome the obstacles


I would look to others whom I admire for inspiration on how to overcome the obstacles


I would focus the team on how far we had come and thank them for their contributions

Question 2:

Your most experienced team member decided to retire before the project is completed.


How would you handle this? 


I would see this challenge as an opportunity to give a rising star on the team the chance to shine


I would seize the opportunity to celebrate them and their career


I would personally take on their work to avoid burdening the team

Question 3:

The project deadline is fast approaching and your team is losing motivation.


How would you handle this? 


You ask what everyone's favorite baked good is and go out of your way to make them for the team


You remind the team of a previous project that encountered many challenges but they persevered


You set up a fun team outing so they remember how much they value each other and team work

End Wall Papers

Each answer to the three questions leads to a new potential end scenario of how the project finishes. Users are encouraged to replay the activity to unlock the 24 potential outcomes and collect the various backgrounds that they can keep and use. 

In the design of the Character Leadership app, a gamified approach was adopted, where each of the 11 dimensions of character leadership found representation in the form of distinct islands for users to explore. Below, you'll find drafts and early concepts of these islands.

Character Leadership App: Island Designs

This design showcases a pixelated island where the user's character is transported by an air balloon, ascending through the island's levels. Upon achieving a perfect score on each level, the secret level with the rainbow becomes accessible.

b4 compleating first level.jpg
after level 1.jpg
after level 2.jpg
after level 3.jpg
after level 4.jpg
after getting perfect .jpg

In the second design, we explore a

paint-by-numbers island concept where each level corresponds to a designated section that becomes coloured in upon its successful completion. To enhance accessibility, especially for users with visual impairments or colour vision deficiency, the decision was made to incorporate design patterns in these sections rather than relying solely on colours.


After the creation of these mockups, it was determined that this template would be particularly fitting for the "Island of Transcendence," which focuses on the dimension of creativity. Here, each island section is thematically aligned with an art form, such as sculpture, music, drawing, and knitting, with the island's theme unveiled upon the level's successful completion.

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