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Character Leadership Presentations 

These are a variety of Illustrations I've made for leadership courses and programs by Marie Schingh, an executive coach and facilitator for Telfer Executive Programs.

Time Management one-day course

October 2022


The spectrum of time in our work life

This course was used to help employees think about their use of time in and outside of the workplace. In our professional lives, the concept of time extends across a spectrum that encompasses mere seconds, fleeting minutes, and unfolding hours, eventually spanning days, weeks, months, years, and even entire decades. These distinct increments of time form the building blocks of our existence, and how we utilize them has a profound impact on our individual and collective accomplishments.

Building Strategic Perspective course

December 2022

Zooming In and Out 

In our journey of addressing people and issues, we discover the need for a dynamic approach—one that involves both zooming in and zooming out.


Zooming In: At times, it's imperative to zoom in, to uncover intricate details and nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed. This close examination reveals what is often obscured, allowing us to identify what is missing, what requires attention, and what can be improved.

Zooming Out: On the other hand, there's value in zooming out, like attaining a panoramic view. By taking a step back, we gain a comprehensive perspective, seeing the bigger picture in all its complexity and understand the broader context and connections.

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Challenges of Looking Outward

In the pursuit of growth and understanding, we often encounter the challenge of looking outward—venturing beyond the confines of our own perspectives.

Looking In: When we peer outside of ourselves, we embark on a journey of exploration. By zooming in on what lies beyond, we endeavor to unveil the intricacies of the unfamiliar. This process encourages us to dive deep into new terrain, seeking to understand and appreciate the nuances that may initially elude us.


Looking Out: Conversely, expanding our view by zooming out is equally essential. It entails venturing beyond our comfort zones, acknowledging the existence of things that may initially appear inscrutable. Yet, it's in these moments that we discover opportunities for learning and growth. By recognizing patterns and connections in the broader landscape, we enrich our understanding of the world around us.

Out and about_edited.jpg

Leadership program: Building Perspective

March 2023

Lengthening your perspective 

In essence, lengthening our perspective invites us to look beyond the immediate and reactively pressing issues, fostering a balanced outlook that takes into account the unfolding future, thus equipping us to navigate the complexities of the present while actively preparing for the challenges and opportunities that await us on the horizon.

First, we must check our blind

spots to see if we've missed something

Next we take a moment to reflect and process what we just learned

After looking more deeply inside ourselves, we can re-ajust and change directions

Deepening your perspective 

The journey of deepening our perspective revolves around a profound transformation—one that necessitates challenging our blind spots and the reevaluation of our entrenched beliefs. This process encourages an intimate exploration of our inner selves, a form of introspection that leads to heightened self-awareness. 

Widening your perspective

The act of widening our perspective entails the deliberate inclusion of diverse viewpoints from a multitude of individuals and stakeholders. It necessitates a reevaluation of our approach to collaboration and networking and creating a perspective of being open to the multitude of voices and ideas that exist in our interconnected world. In essence, it's about extending our arms, figuratively speaking, to encompass a broader spectrum of people, each with their unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

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