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Events Elevated

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
2021- 2022

Over to course of my career at the CRA, I was tasked with designing and creating an app that would be used to accompany CRA workshops, presentations and events 

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Wellness App

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Summer 2022

To promote healthy work habits and wellness at the CRA, I was responsible for creating mockups of a Wellness app that would help employees practice taking breaks, goal setting, breathing exercises and more

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Virtual Orientation Experience

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Summer 2021

The very first project I worked on at the CRA was designing a app that would replicate a orientation experience for remote employees

Character Leadership App

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
2021- 2022

Based on the IVEY Business School, The CRA created an app that would teach employees about the Ivey Leader Character Framework and the 11 dimensions of character leadership

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