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Canada Revenue Agency

Throughout my tenure as a Gamification Designer at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), I took on the responsibility of crafting visually engaging banners, wallpapers and assets for diverse websites and applications. This compilation showcases the creativity and versatility infused into these designs.


Gamification Banners

Screenshot 2021-06-18 112021.jpg
About us,2_section platfrorm_edited.jpg

Orientation App Islands

Character Reactions

character 1(100%).png
character 1(0%).png
character 1(50%).png


LGBT Letter_1.png
UB_Path 2 (bright side).png
UB_Unlocking dictionary plus.png
UB_Path 1 (opening up).png
UB_Finish path 1+2 (big brain).png
NLO_Badge 3(both activites).png
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