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Call Center Simulator

During my time at the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), our team identified a significant challenge: new call center employees often felt ill-equipped to handle real calls effectively following their initial textbook training. In response, we conceived the innovative concept of a call center simulator, an interactive platform that would afford employees the opportunity to practice and refine their skills through realistic simulations with simulated "callers."


This simulator would provide a dynamic environment where employees could explore various response options to address inquiries effectively and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ultimately enhancing the preparedness and confidence of new call center staff.

To support this proposal, I contributed designs that visually articulated the concept, serving as a visual aid during our pitch. Subsequently, the project garnered attention and was transitioned to another design team for further development.

screen 5_edited.jpg
screen 2.png
screen 3.png
screen 6.png
screen 5.png
screen 4.png
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