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Comic Book

One of my ongoing projects involves the creation of character designs and comic illustrations for a young adult novel authored by Al Voort.


The narrative revolves around Jacob, a teenage boy grappling with life's challenges by channelling his thoughts into the creation of comics. The illustrations I am producing represent the very comics that Jacob sketches within the storyline, each being presented at the commencement of a new chapter in the book.


Anticipated for release in 2024, this novel promises to be a compelling exploration of Jacob's journey through the medium of comics.

Comic 5 (bedroom)_edited.jpg


The character designs were designed using traditional pen and paper

Little dude.3.png
Little dude_edited.jpg


Following a thorough process of design experimentation, which encompassed both traditional pen and paper as well as digital approaches, the ultimate character design emerged as a harmonious fusion of these two methods.


Design in pen and paper

First comic_edited.jpg

Design in photoshop

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